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Incident Aware - Our Latest Solution for Guided Incident Tracking & Alerting

by Nathan December 3, 2021

Nearly all businesses face challenges with internal collaboration, procedure management and auditing, and effective communication... Especially when it comes to incidents or emergencies. We've designed our latest solution, Incident Aware, to solve several of the most common issues your organization faces.

Information is often located in multiple places, separate email chains & text messages, and in productivitity tool groups, which makes it difficult to keep track of all the details and to ultimately see the big picture. It can be a huge undertaking to compile and organize everything, to remove duplicate information, and to create a timeline of events to understand exactly what happened, and when. Additionally, since this all happens in the days, weeks or even months following incidents, any missing details aren't discovered until it's too late for staff to recall them.

Incident Aware captures all communications (including emails, sms and app user input) and provides you with a complete, overall picture of everything related to an incident. You can review the timeline of events, see all the multimedia and related staff-attached content (audio, photos, video, chat), review locations of incidents and staff. You can easily see if any important or useful details are missing, and ensure they are collected before it's too late.