Connect Onsite & Cloud Resources

Eliminate Physical Limitations

Do you need to connect on-premises solutions across separate physical locations, buildings or offices and enable them to share information or operate together seamlessly?

Simplify System Integrations

Do you need a versatile tool to link multiple technologies, preventing the need for costly equipment replacements, due to outdated connection methods or lack of support?

Link On-Prem & Cloud Technology

Do you need a solution to seamlessly bridge your on-premises & cloud-based resources like telephony, visual and audio alerting equipment and other safety systems?

Enable Cross-System Triggers

Do you need seamless triggering of actions across disparate systems, the ability to cascade events & actions and more efficiently exchange information?

Broadcast Public Notifications

The Genesis Cloud Connector offers businesses the flexibility to modernize their operations without sacrificing features or existing investments in on-premises technology. By bridging the gap between on-premises tools & equipment and cloud-based platforms, these tools promote efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced interoperability across diverse environments. Genesis Cloud Connector additionally allows you to connect equipment and tools at different physical locations, improving your inter-location awareness, alerting & notification abilities, and ultimately decrease the need for complex network configurations and costs associated with upgrades.

Integrate cloud solutions with onsite voice systems, wallboards, reporting systems, alerting tools & displays

Facilitate interoperability between disparate technologies

Prevent costly equipment replacements and upgrades while enhancing capabilities

Connect using industry-standard methods including RSS feeds, HTTP posting, SIP, multicast, custom & generic APIs

Streamline operations by connecting legacy systems to modern cloud solutions

Communicate and exchange data across physical locations securely via WAN or LAN

Looking for something a bit different or have a unique use case? Contact Genesis for our full list of features, capabilities and for more info on how we can customize our solutions to meet your exact requirements.

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