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MAC Management for Nortel / Avaya CS1000, Avaya CM, Nortel Meridian & more...

GenSwitch is a powerful switch management package for performing Moves, Adds and Changes to your Avaya CM, Nortel / Avaya CS1000 or Nortel Meridian telephone system of any size. GenSwitch is far superior to anything else available, allowing the casual user to perform changes, yet fully supporting the demands of more advanced users. GenSwitch also provides technicians with additional functionality to simplify tedious activities, such as bulk change processing, transaction scheduling, and auditing by username, that would otherwise not be possible.

In keeping with the Genesis tradition, GenSwitch is very fast and powerful yet simple to use so simple that clerical staff can easily be trained to manage your phones. GenSwitch fully integrates and shares information with Genesis Call Accounting, Traffic Analysis and Contact Center Manager packages, eliminating the need for duplicate entry of information. For example if you add a new user using GenSwitch, the new user's extension and name will be automatically added to Genesis Call Accounting. GenSwitch can control a single switch or multiple switches from a centralized location and is fully IP capable.

GenSwitch is also capable of sharing information between your different phone systems which can greatly simplify administration of your corporate-wide dial plan by allowing you to assign and reserve extensions and ports, assign them to a specific location, clone existing phones and assist when transitioning from legacy to more modern PBX equipment.

Like all Genesis products GenSwitch is available in client and web-based versions in Premise, Cloud, Hosted and Virtual environments. GenSwitch fully integrates with other Genesis Solutions providing you with a complete, unified solution.

General Features:
  • Supports any mixture of PBX releases (one application for everything)
  • Supports virtually all releases Avaya / Nortel CM, CS1000 and Meridian software
  • Features typical Genesis trademark simlicity, reliability and robustness
  • Fully integrates with all Genesis products (DNs, names are shared, etc.)
  • Displays actual telephone set photos allowing you to click on the set buttons when programming keys
  • Manufacturer's feature descriptions are displayed whenever applicable and are fully customizable
  • Fully Network compatible and expandable using IP sockets for inter-program communication
  • Supports an unlimited number of switch connections using direct serial cable, modems or IP connections
  • Allows MAC posting into numerous switches simultaneously
  • Supports multiple simultaneous users
  • Retains a mirror database of your switchboard(s) with nightly automatic synchronization, permitting immediate data retrieval
  • Downloads important switch data in case you ever need it (disaster recovery)
  • Tracks all MACs performed by username, date and time, activity, etc.
  • Supports bulk moves, swaps, deletes and enabling/disabling of phones
  • Supports lookups by extension number, name, set type, etc. or lookups by simply clicking on an entry in the list
  • Displays available TNs or ports (IP, Digital & Analog) and extensions right from the PBX
  • Reports all switch errors and system messages complete with explanations
  • Supports template based additions of new phones
  • Allows direct terminal access for the techs who want command line control
  • Supports transaction scheduling and posting for later dates and times
  • Allows printing of the Queued transactions file, History file and Transaction Details
  • plus much, much more...
Nortel / Avaya CS1000-Specific Features:
  • Changes to Features & Class of Service can be applied to multiple sets at once
  • Manages Speed Call and System Speed Call lists and controllers
  • Displays all users of Speed Call Lists or System Speed Call Lists
  • Supports lookups by DN, TN, CPND Name, DES and Set Type (with or without MARP DNs)
Avaya CM-Specific Features:
  • Displays ranges of available extension numbers when adding phones
  • Dynamic fields are shown/hidden if additional information for the selected feature is required
  • Displays and allows searching for all appearances of extension numbers and bridged appearances
  • Lists all supported valid entries when changing features, allowing you to select the desired entry instead of typing it
  • Supports dynamic changing of phone type to those supported on your release, or types you have aliased.
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