Why Genesis?

Why Genesis Brochure

Genesis has been developing telecom software since 1984. We have a proven track record spanning many decades, decades full of many technological advances. We have seen many competitors come and go but with Genesis' winning formula you have no worries about whether we will be here to serve you tomorrow.

Unlike our competitors, Genesis offers all solutions in Premises-based, Hosted, Cloud, or Virtualized configurations. Your investment dollars are secure because you can easily change to a different format or platform as your needs change. Genesis changes with you.

Genesis has a competitively priced solution for you, plus we will beat any competitor's prices.

The fact that Emergency 911 Centers use Genesis solutions says it all. Period.

At Genesis, we never rest. Innovating and embracing the continuous changes of the various industries we connect is our commitment.

All our solutions are designed in house by the same development team. This means they share a common user experience across solutions and platforms. No need to learn different interface styles written by different individuals.

With longevity comes flexibility. The many different environments we have encountered over the years, makes us uniquely flexible and experienced.

Genesis is a set it and forget it solution because you have better things to do with your time.

Simplicity is our motto. Genesis features one easy common user experience that spans all solutions. Once you learn one, you can easily master the rest.

In the event you do experience an issue, our technicians can assist you through remote access, freeing up your time for other matters.

We know what to look for to keep your system running top notch. Genesis performs nightly automatic self-diagnostic and maintenance tasks to ensure your system is running at its best.

Regular newsletters with users' experiences, tips on how to optimize your system, reduce costs, maximize profits, and more accompany your system updates.