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Call Accounting & Tracking

Genesis Call Accounting Summary
Call Tracking, Telecom Analytics, Cradle to Grave Reporting, Traffic Trends & more...

Business Express Series Call Accounting
Genesis Express Series Call Accounting is the most economical solution for your small to medium-sized business for tracking and billing calls, without the additional features our professional version offers.

Business Professional Series Call Accounting
Genesis Professional Series Call Accounting is a web & client-based, fully featured version for businesses requiring Call Accounting & Tracking, Cradle to Grave reporting, Call Traffic reporting, Inventory management, Telecom Analytics, Company Directory, Fraud Detection and more.

Hospitality Express Series Call Accounting
Genesis Express Series Call Accounting is simply the most economical option for your small to medium-sized Hotel, Motel, Resort or Retirement Facility for tracking and billing calls, without the additional features our professional version offers.

Hospitality Professional Series Call Accounting
Genesis Professional Series Call Accounting is a fully featured solution for Hotels, Motels, Resorts or Retirement Facilities requiring more comprehensive features and functionality from their system.

Genesis Enterprise Multi-Site Call Accounting
Genesis Enterprise Multi-Site Call Accounting is for businesses and organizations with multiple locations and phone systems that want to consolidate call data capture and reporting in one location

Genesis Home Office Call Accounting
Genesis Home Office Call Accounting is for very small businesses, including home-based businesses that require just basic Call Tracking and Reporting, without the additional complexities and features our Express and Professional Series offer.

Real-time Analytics Dash Summary
Real Time Phone Monitoring, Trend Analysis, Exception Alerting, Analytics & more...

Business Analytics Dash
Genesis Dash is your business' web-based analytical monitoring tool that gives you immediate, easy access to that critical information using data from your phone system...

Hospitality Analytics Dash
Genesis Dash is your hotel, motel or resort's web-based monitoring aid that gives you easy access to that critical information using data from your hotel phones...

Customizable Hotel App
Genesis GuestTel Mobile App keeps you connected with your guests, from anywhere...

Real-Time 911 Alerting
Real-time notification and alerting of E911 calls, emergencies, lockdowns & more...

Switch Management
MAC Management for Nortel / Avaya CS1000, Avaya CM, Nortel Meridian & more...

Contact Center Monitor
Real-time & Historical Contact Center Monitoring, Reporting, Analysis & more...

Traffic Analysis & Management
Collect, Manage, Predict & Report on VoIP, Trunk, Line, Gateway Traffic & more...

Genesis E911 & Agency Control Summary
Genesis PSAP 911, GenWatch & CAD solutions produce timely statistics & consolidated reports that enable you to maximize the performance of your 911 system.

Historical Reporting - Genesis PSAP 911
Genesis PSAP 911 works with modern E911 systems to collect and assemble call details like, ANI, ALI, Date, Time, Speed of Answer, TTA, Station Answering, mobile user locations and more from several sources.

Real-time Display - GenWatch
GenWatch collects and displays critical 911 call information received directly from your 911 system controllers for immediate follow-up.

E911 CAD System - Genesis CAD
Genesis CAD is a fully configurable CAD display and alerting system for individual call takers, team leaders and supervisors.

Highlights & Features Summary
Details on some of the key highlights, features and advantages that set Genesis apart from the rest...

Dynamic Reporting
Having different information needs and requirements is nothing new to Genesis. Our reporting system has been refined over many years to accommodate any situation.

Exception Alerting
Forget about missing those suspect calls when you are busy or away. Genesis COPS delivers the information to you, wherever you are.

Generate Revenue & Reduce Costs
Depending on your business model and your mix of Genesis Solutions, you can Generate Revenue and Reduce Costs in many different ways.

Genesis Hosted & Cloud
Genesis Hosted: lower overall cost, reduced management requirements by staff, greater flexibility and accessibility and extensive additional features a hosted solution provides.

Mobile Friendly Solutions
Genesis new generation of web based and cloud/hosted solutions allow you to access your entire system, not just a screen or two, from anywhere.

On-Premises Solutions
Maintain Total Control. If your organization is required to or simply prefers to keep data in-house, rest assured, Genesis can meet and exceed your expectations.

Unmatched Compatibility Brochure
Genesis supports all leading telephone system models, from legacy, to IP, to cloud based PBXs, we have you covered.

Virtualized Solutions Brochure
Genesis Virtualized Solutions can seamlessly integrate into your existing virtualized infastructure and eliminate dedicated hardware and reliance on legacy peripherals.

Industries Summary
See how Genesis Solutions can simplify telecom management in your specific industry...

Education Brochure
Managing emergencies and lockdown situations effectively can be particularly challenging...

Enterprise Brochure
You know managing your telecom resources in today's world can be significantly more difficult...

Government Offices Brochure
You know the importance of controlling your telecom resources to stay on budget...

Healthcare Brochure
You know keeping your staff, visitors and patients informed of any emergencies is imperative...

Hospitality Brochure
In today's economy hotel competition is stiff & knowing the needs of your guests...

Law Enforcement Brochure
You need to track all call data for investigative, tracking, staffing & follow-up purposes...

Professionals Brochure
Regardless of your size, your firm needs the ability to control your telecom costs...

Retirement Care Brochure
Knowing the dynamics & responding to the needs of your guests/patients is critical...

Small & Medium Business Brochure
You need a solution that just works for you and doesn't require full-time administration...

Service Providers Brochure
With the uptick in cloud offerings you need a solution to distinguish you from other providers...

Genesis Reseller Brochure
Genesis offers a complete line of solutions so no need to handle multiple products from different vendors.

Switch to Genesis Brochure
Be current. Replace your outdated, unsupported, inaccurate system today. Contact us for swap-out pricing.

About Us Brochure
A brief synopsis on Genesis Systems, our clients, history, partners, and our company vision...

Our History Brochure
Genesis Systems was established in 1984. Right from the start, Genesis established an unchallenged reputation...

Our Vision Brochure
Innovations and embracing the continuous changes of the various industries we connect is our commitment...

Why Genesis Brochure
Longevity, Attractive pricing, Reliability, Ongoing Development & Updates make Genesis a sound investment choice...