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Real-Time 911 Alerting - GenAlert

Real-time notification and alerting of E911 calls, emergencies, lockdowns & more...

GenAlert turns your phone system into a powerful distress alarm. GenAlert is our real-time emergency reporting package that detects when a 911 is initiated and immediately notifies you by alarm, SMS text or email sent to your selected device. Standard 911 reporting from call accounting software does not alert you until after calls have been completed. In many instances this is too late. GenAlert goes a step further and notifies you the second an emergency call has been dialled.

Now you can rest knowing your staff are protected in the event of an emergency!

Implementing a dedicated, on-site emergency notification solution is the most cost effective way to dramatically lower both on-site and EMS response time while adding extra security for your staff. Not only are you alerted of staff in distress, but you can attach additional important information to Alerts such as employee names, phones, health conditions, special medications, etc. When rapidly notified, your staff can attend to an emergency almost immediately, and can be ready to lead help in the right direction when it arrives. This level of response has already become legal requirement in many jurisdictions. More will follow in the coming years.

Emergency 911 Notifications for Nortel / Avaya Meridian 1, CS1000, Avaya Aura CM & IP Office and more...

GenAlert is a single/multi-site solution available in Client and Web based versions for Premise, Cloud, Virtual and Hosted environments. GenAlert fully integrates with other Genesis Solutions providing you with a complete, unified solution.

GenAlert Features:
  • True, real-time, on-site alerts for 9-1-1 / emergencies (alerting is not based off the PBX's CDR / SMDR feed)
  • Dramatically improves response times by sending medical alerts to your organization's first aid attendants
  • Can be used to initiate school, campus or other lockdowns
  • Can centrally monitor and dispatch alerts for multiple sites
  • Fully customizable alerting options (email, SMS, PC screen pop-ups, audible / visual alarms, custom formats, etc.)
  • Location information, Medical Details or Emergency Contact information can be included with the Alerts
  • Can be activated on other digits, such as those used in other countries or other custom phone numbers
  • Includes the ability to alert staff of non 9-1-1 related emergencies
  • Historical data is kept indefinitely for future review / analysis
  • Backwards compatible with older PBXs while supporting current & future releases
  • Provides additional staff safety & protection for both small and large businesses at an affordable price
  • It doesn't interfere with, or insert itself into the actual 911 call path
  • Plus much, much more...

GenAlert can also compliment your existing PSAP updating E911 System. PSAP updating systems are useful for providing 9-1-1 operators with additional information, however they often do not provide adequate notification to staff on-site. Genesis GenAlert is not in the 911 call path, and does not intercept or delay outgoing calls to 911, eliminating an additional single point of failure with some other 911 alerting systems.

Genesis is a proud member of The National Emergency Number Association. NENA is an organization whose mission is to foster the technological advancement, availability and implementation of universal emergency telephone number systems.

GenAlert E911 Brochure