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Genesis Call Accounting & Tracking is a fully featured solution for businesses and organizations requiring more comprehensive information from their phone system. Our Call Accounting & Tracking solution provides you with easy-to-understand telephone usage reporting, performance metrics, usage statistics, detailed analytics and customizable alerting. With Genesis Call Accounting at your disposal you will gain unmatched insight into the telephone usage at your organization. Call information is regularly used to evaluate issues and trends days, months and often years after being captured as well, and for this reason it's critical to track all possible call information so it is available when you need it.

Whether you're simply looking to log all calls for compliance purposes, generate highly specialized statistics, or evaluate your current and future capacity needs, Genesis's has hundreds of customizable built-in reports to exceed your needs and give you greater control over your telephone usage and costs.

Report on call data as soon as it is available in your phone system

Analytics dashboard showing both summarized and detailed key usage metrics

Flexible scheduling & report delivery via email, SMS and other channels

Automatically detect 911 calls, fraudulent calls & alert on exceptions

Retain records of all call activity and usage indefinitely, without limitation

Monitor local, incoming, long distance, international, misdialed & internal calls selectively

Customizable report style, charts, breakdowns, sorts, grouping and formats

Easily integrate with third party business management & billing solutions

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