Genesis PSAP 911

E911 PSAP Reporting

Genesis PSAP 911

Access Critical 911 PSAP information to Control, Manage & Plan your 911 Center

Genesis PSAP 911 is a reliable proven solution with installations spanning 3 decades. Genesis PSAP 911 works with modern E911 systems to collect and assemble call details like, ANI, ALI, Date, Time, Speed of Answer, TTA, Station Answering, mobile user locations and more from several sources. Genesis PSAP 911  then consolidates this information with reports that can be generated in real time and printed, emailed or faxed to remote users or locations. Historical data is retained for retroactive reporting or even litigation situations.

Genesis PSAP 911 will assist you when making those tough decisions, such as staffing requirements, service level calculations, investigations, etc. Queue reports providing critical statistics on operator and queue performance, and Traffic reports measuring system and line performance allow you to optimize resources and schedule staff. Trend analysis helps you make equipment decisions at the right time. Genesis PSAP 911 gives you information that will help you to be proactive, not reactive, and give you the visibility and control over your 911 call center like you never had before.

Genesis PSAP 911 Features:
  • Real-time display of current call information (ANI, ALI, Name, Operator, duration, agency, etc.)
  • Real-time diagnostics showing out-of-service, usage and status of 911 Trunks
  • Real-time 911 operator status and duration in current that state
  • Support for mobile phone coordinates with confidence values
  • Total Durations of Calls, depicting ring time, transfer leg durations, etc.
  • Historical data retention, permitting retroactive reporting and trend analysis
  • Remote access to Genesis 911 to monitor, update or reconfigure the system
  • Fully phase 2 wireless compliant
  • And much more...
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