Cloud & Hosted Solutions

Features & Benefits

  • Minimal up-front cost
  • Reduced management & administration by staff
  • Your software is always up to date
  • Accessible from anywhere, anytime
  • Secure access with user account controls
  • Receive reports & alerts automatically
  • Viewable on virtually any internet enabled device
  • Actively monitored by Genesis Support staff

Cloud & Hosted Solutions

Why Genesis Hosted?

You've likely already considered or are using hosted solutions elsewhere within your business for a variety of reasons. Many of these are obvious: lower overall cost, reduced management requirements by staff, greater flexibility and accessibility and extensive additional features a hosted solution provides.

Genesis Hosted Solutions provide you with all these benefits. With Genesis Hosted Solutions you can expect the same powerful call analysis, management & alerting available in our premises-based solutions, but with greater accessibility and virtually no configuration & ongoing maintenance required on your part. Genesis Hosted Solutions allow you to focus your attention on your core business.

Genesis Hosted Solutions eliminate both the need for a dedicated computer in your office and the up-front cost of purchasing a software solution. PC maintenance-related costs are also eliminated, all you pay is a monthly fee for your access to management tools, dashboard & reports

Adding Genesis Hosted Solutions for your business is a simple process that requires virtually no setup on your part. You just sign up for the service, we walk you through setting up the connection, and you run the reports as you need them, or schedule reports to be emailed automatically on a set interval.

Genesis Hosted Solutions are accessible from any internet browser regardless of where you are. There are no issues with corporate firewalls or permissions restrictions, and access is possible from nearly any hardware, whether it be your PC, smartphone / tablet or other web browser-enabled device.

Have multiple locations you'd like consolidated? Simply add the service for your other locations and they are shown when you log into your system. Want reports emailed to you automatically? Simply choose the report and the interval you want it sent on.

With updates automatically applied, you can be assured your solution is always up-to-date without requiring your involvement. Genesis Hosted Solutions also processes your data in real-time, so your reports reflect up-to-the-minute information; exactly the same as our premises-based solutions.

Genesis Hosted Solutions runs in an environment specifically designed to be reliable. Genesis Hosted Solutions run in our datacenter on high end, dedicated servers designed to be run 24/7.