Traffic Analysis & Reporting

Traffic Management & Analysis

Traffic Analysis & Reporting

Collect, Manage, Predict & Report on VoIP, Trunk, Line, Gateway Traffic & more...

Telephony can be one of the largest expenses facing any business. With the addition of new products and services like the VoIP, SIP trunking, etc. you just can't guess about your telecom requirements anymore. You need an effective management tool to keep costs low while keeping staff and customers satisfied. No sites are alike, and requirements can be completely different even with similar call volumes and staffing.

Introducing Genesis Traffic Manager, your "Intelligent Traffic Expert" waiting to assist you!

Genesis Traffic Analysis takes the guessing out of your decisions. It can tell you what your optimum staffing and trunking are for your site(s). It can also help you to identify trends, feature usage, calling patterns and plan for the future with ongoing traffic studies and what if modelling. This can be particularly useful before, during and after migrations to VOIP and SIP.

Genesis Traffic Manager is single/multi-site solution available in Client and Web based versions for Premise, Cloud, Virtual and Hosted environments. Genesis Traffic Manager fully integrates with other Genesis Solutions providing you with a complete, unified solution.

With Genesis Analysis you can easily answer these troubling questions:
Do we have enough or too many trunks?

Genesis Traffic Analysis shows you the optimum number of trunks for average busy hour and peak hour time slots by day, week, or month for each of your sites. These are calculated using your desired grade of service levels. You can easily determine if trunks need to be added, removed or reallocated. If you are over-trunked you will unknowingly be wasting thousands of dollars on resources you simply do not need.

Genesis Traffic Analysis shows you optimum console or operator staffing for any given time, whether it is just for a daily peak hour or by the week or month. You can even evaluate individual call groups to determine the most efficient distribution of call traffic.

Genesis Traffic Analysis can easily determine if your IP phones have adequate network resources, and if the codecs in use are providing the best quality of service. You can additionally evaluate your video usage and monitor jitter, latency, and network usage.

Genesis Traffic Analysis includes what if modelling that allows you to forecast your future requirements so you can plan and budget for future upgrades and additional staffing.

Genesis Traffic Analysis can draw your attention to potential issues before they become problems that require immediate action. Historical information is kept indefinitely so you can analyze trend changes over hours, days, months and even years.

Genesis Traffic Analysis allows you to easily determine any malfunctioning trunks and identify ones with abnormalities (ex. excessive abandoned calls, low or no usage, etc.)

Genesis Traffic Analysis breaks down call traffic right to the hour of day making abnormal calling patterns obvious.

Genesis Traffic Analysis reports "under-trunked" situations where you will be missing calls, frustrating callers and potentially losing sales.

Genesis Traffic Analysis you will know each of your attendant's call statistics. If you are over-staffed your employees will have long waits between calls, and if you are under-staffed you will have excessive numbers of abandoned calls and overwhelmed staff.

Genesis Traffic Analysis tracks all this, and more, giving you the most complete picture of how well your system is performing.

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