Business Analytics Dash

Telecom Analytics Dash Solution

Business Analytics Dash

Real Time Phone Monitoring, Trend Analysis, Exception Alerting, Analytics & more..

Genesis Dash is your business' web-based analytical monitoring tool that gives you immediate, easy access to that critical information using data from your phone system. With Genesis Dash Business you get easy access to information like:

  • where calls are coming from and going to
  • areas & individuals generating the most calls
  • fraudulent, abnormal, abusive and suspect calls
  • who & from where were 911 calls placed
  • hourly call traffic volumes, peaks and trends
  • most active departments and staff phones
  • longest calls, and much more...
With Genesis Dash you can now quickly answer:
  • How many calls were handled, when are the busiest times and what was the total duration and cost of these calls? Do we need to reposition or add staff, or phone lines?
  • Which numbers and businesses do we frequently call? Should we investigate the reason? Should we explore other options?
  • Has there been an unusual increase or decrease in telephone traffic? Is it seasonal? Is our advertising working? Is our business growing?
  • Where are the majority of our calls coming from and going to? USA, Canada or Overseas? Where should we advertise more?
  • Which staff handled the greatest number of calls and/or spent the most time on the phone? Who are the most efficient calls handlers? Do some staff need more training?
  • Were there any abnormal, fraudulent, abusive or malicious calls requiring additional follow-up? Can we track and be immediately alerted when certain calls are placed or received from specific telephone numbers? Can they be emailed or texted to me?
  • Who dialed 911 and when?
  • Were all telephone changes successful, and are we approaching our license limits? (optional)

Genesis Dash gives you easy access to all sorts of key information needed to effectively manage your business, from anywhere, from any device, and eliminates the need to search through multiple systems, menus or reports.

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