Genesis Solutions

Available Genesis Solutions

Incident Tracking &Broadcast App

Incident Tracking App

Genesis Incident Aware

Immediately exchange critical alerts, broadcast notices, GPS locations, media & more...

Call Accounting & Tracking

Call Accounting/Tracking

Genesis Call Accounting

Call Tracking, Telecom Analytics, Cradle to Grave Reporting, Traffic Trends & more...

Real-time Analytics Dash

Real Time Phone Monitoring, Trend Analysis, Exception Alerting, Analytics & more...

Real-time E911 Notifications

Real-Time 911 Alerting

Genesis GenAlert

Real-time notification and alerting of E911 calls, emergencies, lockdowns & more...

Avaya & Nortel Switch Management

Switch Management

Genesis GenSwitch

MAC Management for Nortel / Avaya CS1000, Avaya CM, Nortel Meridian & more...

Contact Center Reporting

Contact Center Monitor

Genesis Contact Center Manager

Real-time & Historical Contact Center Monitoring, Reporting, Analysis & more...

Traffic Management & Analysis

Traffic Analysis

Genesis Traffic Manager

Collect, Manage, Predict & Report on VoIP, Trunk, Line, Gateway Traffic & more...

E911 PSAP Reporting & CAD

PSAP Agency Control

Genesis PSAP 911, GenWatch & CAD

Collect, Display & Summarize Critical 911 Information in Real-time & Historically...