GenWatch 911

GenWatch 911 Display

GenWatch 911

Your Compact 911 System Watchman from Genesis.

GenWatch 911 collects and displays critical 911 call information received directly from your 911 system controllers. The information is displayed in real-time on your computer's screen. Immediate reports can be printed for easy follow-up. Alarms can alert you to Abandoned Calls or to specific callers, when they happen. Alarm reports can be printed automatically. Strobe lights or other devices can also be activated.

GenWatch 911 is very simple to use. In 911 centers time is critical. Your 911 operators are too busy to learn how to use new software packages or wade through complex screens and menus just to get that critical 911 call information. With GenWatch 911 that is never a problem. Simplicity is the whole concept behind GenWatch 911.

GenWatch 911 is the perfect companion of Genesis PSAP 911. GenWatch 911 is designed for immediate easy access to 911 caller's information for instant follow-up or action, on a call by call basis. GenWatch 911 produces a full complement of management and statistical reports that are critical for managing your 911 emergency center. With these two complimenting packages you have complete control over your 911 emergency center.

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