Genesis 911 CAD

E911 CAD Display

Genesis 911 CAD

Critical 911 caller info to your call takers, team leaders & supervisors in real-time.

The Genesis 911 CAD is a fully configurable CAD display and alerting system for individual call takers, team leaders and supervisors. Genesis CAD is extremely flexible and can be tailored to meet nearly any of your unique requirements.

In addition to the real-time caller info display, Genesis CAD provides each of your users with customizable repeat caller notifications and alerting based on any criteria you deem important (like specific call types, abandoned calls or virtually any other criteria). These alerts can be displayed on the Genesis CAD screen, emailed, sent via SMS / text message, and can even be configured to trigger alerting hardware devices such as strobe lights. Any combination of these alert paths can be used simultaneously and each can be customized to meet your unique requirements.

Genesis CAD Features:
  • Fully customizable caller information display and alerting system
  • AQS (TCP/XMC) and ICLU supported
  • Provides Real-Time display of caller information for a single or multiple positions simultaneously
  • Simplified navigation between call records for review & follow-up
  • Configurable user accounts allow each user to receive only alerts and caller details relevant / desirable to them
  • Alerting paths and options are customizable (any data fields can be selectively shown or hidden)
  • Alerts can be on-screen, emailed, SMS text messaged or trigger additional hardware
  • Fully configurable Frequent Callers logic and thresholds
  • Uses multiple data feeds for more flexible alerting options
  • Accessible directly across network via shortcut (nothing installed on each workstation)
  • And much more...
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