Virtualized Solutions

Virtualized Solutions

Ensure Security, Provide Accessibility, Meet Regulations, Maintain Total Control in your Existing Environment

With a Genesis Virtualized solution, you get all the benefits of on-premises installed software without the main drawback: maintaining stand-alone physical hardware. Genesis Virtualized Solutions can seamlessly integrate into your existing virtualized infastructure and eliminate the need for dedicated hardware and reliance on legacy peripherals such as serial ports.

No PC or server hardware required

All the benefits of premises installed software without the main drawback: maintaining physical hardware.

Sourcing new hardware in the event of failures, re-installing in the event of upgrades, and downtime are all non-existent issues.

You choose everything, including the location of your Genesis installation, the frequency to apply updates, and the method of access.

Works in remote environments or other locations with limited internet access. You still get the web-based software, just without the need for reliable internet connectivity.

Due to regulations, you may be required to keep all sensitive data on-site or limit offsite access. Your data remains on-site at all times and you retain total control of who can access the software and from where.

On-premises doesn't mean off-line. You can still access the software from anywhere you like within your corporate LAN.

User account controls are fully configurable, you can add both administrator and standard user accounts, restrict certain users to certain roles, and more.

Add customized reports and alert criteria to your auto emailing list to keep you in the loop on or off site.

Whether you have a tablet or smartphone, Windows, Mac or Linux PC, your Genesis solution is fully compatible.

We make the decision to take your solutions to the cloud easy, and because your Genesis solutions are already cloud-ready the process is simple.