Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly Solutions

Remember the days when you had to sit at a desk in front of your computer to get the information you needed? We do! Those days are gone forever.

The new generation of Genesis web based and cloud/hosted solutions allow you to access your entire system, not just a screen or two, from anywhere. Our Solutions are designed from the ground up to allow you full access as though you are sitting in front of your computer.

You have full access from your computer, tablet, or smart phone to all Genesis screens and functionality. Imagine making emergency switch programming changes, watching queue or agent performance, gauging switch telephone traffic, receiving real time emergency alerts, producing and routing reports, receiving exception call alerts, checking staff call handling, looking at real time analytics and more, from your phone or tablet lying on a beach somewhere. Your co-workers will think you are in the next room!

Technology has come a long ways from the desktop computer. So has Genesis.