Generate Revenue

Generate Revenue & Reduce Costs

Depending on your business model and your mix of Genesis Solutions, you can Generate Revenue and Reduce Costs in many different ways.

We are completely devoted to ensuring you get the most from our Solutions. Our expert staff will be happy to show you how to increase your profitability. Please review this list and contact us so we can explain how we will make this become a reality for you.

Generate Revenue:
  • Back billing Guests and Clients with surcharges and markups
  • Increase upsell of your in-house services & offerings
  • Charge outside vendors for services booked through your Hotel App
  • Get hotel services orders from guests while off the property
  • Push out daily ads and specials to your guest's cell phones
  • Charge outside vendors for advertising on your Hotel App
  • Target marketing plans and programs using Genesis Analytics
  • Enhance guest experience bringing referral and repeat business
  • Differentiate your business from your competition
  • Reduced reservation leakage (in-app vs booking agent)
  • Improve your reviews & ratings
  • Offer our optional inexpensive roaming mobility solutions
Generate Revenue Brochure
Reduce Costs:
  • Optimize number of lines & remove excess ones
  • Know when lines are out of service
  • Optimize number of call takers and what times you need them
  • Retrain staff if call handling times are excessive
  • Being alerted to changes in call traffic patterns
  • Reduce time spent on personal calls
  • Program your phones internally
  • Be alerted and take action on phone misuse, abuse & exceptions
  • Improved access to Guest services directly
  • Integrate phone data into other in-house programs
  • Eliminate on-site equipment and moving to hosted or cloud
  • Cut down on guest-to-staff calls
  • Enhance staff efficiency
  • Reduce print expenses (menus, ads, room pamphlets, etc.)
  • Reduce steps to Guest requests & in-room ordering