Dynamic Graphing & Reporting

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Genesis features state of the art reporting in all our products.

Dynamic Reporting Brochure

Dynamic Reporting

Having different information needs and requirements is nothing new to Genesis. Our reporting system has been refined over many years to accommodate all the special needs and requests from our user base. They had some great ideas. Here are just a few:

  • Search & reorganize reports dynamically with a simple click
  • Add company logos to your reports
  • Generate both Automatic and Manual reports
  • Schedule report printing and distribution
  • Print, display or email reports
  • Create both Text and Graphic reports
  • Produce graphs or charts to meet your needs
  • Export reports in flexible formats for use in other packages
  • Filter all reports with call selection parameters
  • Rely on a full set of preset summary and detail reports
  • Create customized or ad hoc reports & store for future use
  • Route reports to specific recipients or distribution lists