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Hosted Telecom, Computing & Other Service Providers & Resellers

As a provider or reseller of telecom or computer equipment and services you know that the needs of your customers are always evolving. Managing their telecom resources effectively in today's world can be significantly more difficult. IP based telephony, E911 calls, intricate and least cost routing, coordinated dialing plans, remote users, traditional/mobile/SIP endpoints, failover and high availability scenarios, geo-redundancy and many more factors can greatly increase costs and complexities associated with reselling, installing, configuring and maintaining your customers' installations.

With the uptick in hosted solutions, cloud offerings and SAAS, you need a solution to distinguish you from all the other providers out there. You need a cutting edge solution in your portfolio that sets you apart from your competition by providing value-added offering to your customers while opening an additional revenue stream.

You also need to ensure your customers have a reliable solution that satisfies their needs while providing uneventful operation and ultimate reliability. Your time is better spent on managing your business, not supporting third party solutions. You need a solution that just works, 100% of the time and is backed by an excellent support team.

The Genesis Solution:
  • Provide a leg up on your competition by offering value added services
  • Give your customers choice: cloud, premises-based & virtualized options
  • Increase profits while offering a more complete solution for your customers
  • Empower your customers to easily administer & manage their own system
  • Offer a solution that doesn't require your supervision or administration
  • Generate reoccurring revenue by reselling Genesis Hosted solutions
  • Tailor a custom solution for each customer's unique requirements
  • Relax knowing that installation & support services are taken care of
  • All of this and much more, from any smart device or computer
Solution Features:
  • Allocate costs (calls, bandwidth, equipment, trunks, etc.) to their sources
  • Receive immediate notifications of emergency situations, without delay
  • Monitor and control telephone misuse, abuse and fraud
  • Track IP and codec use and analyze toll bypass configurations and use
  • Merge data captured from traditional, IP, mobile phone and SIP endpoints
  • Perform detailed onsite traffic studies and 'what if' modelling
  • Assemble corporate-wide and site specific data for cradle to grave reports
  • Produce important phone analytics on staff performance and utilization
  • Direct emergency services to the correct building, floor or location
  • Direct emergency services to the correct building, floor or location
  • Calculate optimum number of lines and see if your lines are functioning
  • Determine if you have enough call takers and supervisors
  • Maintain consistent functionality between corporate and satelite locations
  • Identify traffic trends and usage patterns by hour, day, week, month & year
  • Ensure call takers, trunk routes and queues are performing efficiently
  • Manage legacy and leading edge telecom resources simultaneously
  • Make & schedule telephone programming changes to your phone system
  • All of this and much more, from any smart device or computer

Genesis allows you to do all this and more from anywhere on or off site. Genesis software comes standard with both client and web-based interfaces, and you can even allow limited access for users that only need to use certain features. Genesis comes with automatic reports that send you the critical information you need when it matters most. All Genesis solutions can be virtualized, accessed from the cloud, or housed on your own equipment.

Some businesses need to have access to valuable telecom analytics, but would rather avoid the complexities, costs and management associated with running a premises-based solution. Genesis Hosted allows is the solution.

Genesis, the Simple, Reliable Choice. Eliminate the need for lengthy and expensive training programs. Genesis knows and will let you know if there is a problem with your system.