Small Business

Small & Medium Business

In today’s economy competition is stiff and knowing the dynamics and needs of your customers is critical. Offering the right mix of products and services in a timely, efficient manner is no longer optional. You need the right tools that empower you to easily access critical information you need to effectively and efficiently run your business. You need a solution that just works for you and doesn't require full-time administration, complex training or tie up important resources needed elsewhere.

As a SME you may not have the luxury of having dedicated staff available to administer your telecom infrastructure. This is further complicated by emerging trends and technologies, such as soft clients, mobile & remote workers, SIP endpoints & trunking and increases in smart device usage, coupled with the continued reliance on traditional communication methods. You need an easy to use customized solution, tailored for your business.

Additionally, keeping your staff informed of any emergency situations is imperative.

The Genesis Solution:
  • Receive immediate notifications of emergency situations, without delay
  • Allow clerical staff to easily maintain your telecom infrastructure
  • Identify traffic trends and usage patterns by hour, day, week, month & year
  • Monitor and control telephone misuse, abuse and fraud
  • Merge data captured from traditional, IP, mobile phone and SIP endpoints
  • Allocate costs (calls, bandwidth, equipment, trunks, etc.) to their sources
  • Combine summary and detailed data for cradle to grave reports
  • Generate important phone analytics on staff performance and utilization
  • Direct emergency services to the correct building, floor or location
  • Calculate optimum number of lines and see if your lines are functioning
  • Determine if you have enough available staff in critical departments
  • Manage legacy and leading edge telecom resources simultaneously
  • Make & schedule telephone programming changes to your phone system
  • All of this and much more, from any smart device or computer

Genesis allows you to do all this and more from anywhere on or off site. Genesis software comes standard with both client and web-based interfaces, and you can even allow limited access for users that only need to use certain features. Genesis comes with automatic reports that send you the critical information you need when it matters most. All Genesis solutions can be virtualized, accessed from the cloud, or housed on your own equipment.

Genesis, the Simple, Reliable Choice. Eliminate the need for lengthy and expensive training programs. Genesis knows and will let you know if there is a problem with your system.