Schools, Colleges, Universities & Education Facilities

Managing emergencies and lockdown situations effectively within your school, university or college can be particularly challenging. As you know keeping your students and staff safe and informed of any emergency situations is imperative. With many institutions not only being large buildings but also having additional portable out-buildings, it can be easy for emergencies to go unnoticed until help arrives on site. A reduced number of staff in the school during certain hours can further increase the probability of an individual in distress going undetected.

You also know that telecom costs can easily get out of control, so monitoring call activity and controlling your costs to keep within your budget is critical. Further complexity arises when your facility has multiple sites, buildings, residences or dorms. As you know, education facilities struggle with some of the tightest budgets, so controlling instances of telephone misuse and abuse can be a major challenge.

Every new season of registrations and graduations brings another round of turmoil. With Genesis you can automate and schedule the assignment of telecom resources to new staff and students, freeing up your time for other tasks.

The Genesis Solution:
  • Receive immediate notifications of emergency situations, without delay
  • Initiate campus-wide lockdowns and deploy action plans automatically
  • Allocate costs (calls, bandwidth, equipment, trunks, etc.) to their sources
  • Monitor and control telephone misuse, abuse and fraud
  • Generate important phone analytics on system performance and utilization
  • Notify staff and security of events requiring their immediate attention
  • Identify traffic trends and usage patterns by hour, day, week, month & year
  • Ensure call takers, trunk routes and queues are performing efficiently
  • Manage legacy and leading edge telecom resources simultaneously
  • Make & schedule telephone programming changes to your phone system
  • Do all of this and much more, from any smart device or computer

Genesis allows you to do all this and more from anywhere on or off site. Genesis software comes standard with both client and web-based interfaces, and you can even allow limited access for users that only need to use certain features. Genesis comes with automatic reports that send you the critical information you need when it matters most. All Genesis solutions can be virtualized, accessed from the cloud, or housed on your own equipment.