Accountants, Lawyers & Other Professionals

Regardless of your size, your firm needs the ability to control your telecom costs. You spend significant time on the phone and need a way to effectively bill your clients and keep track of your time. You want to assign charges to your clients, without having to use a barrage of different methods, tools and applications. Complexities such as account codes, VOIP communications and SIP trunking make tracking, controlling and recovering your telecom costs a daunting task.

The Genesis Solution:
  • Retain records of your activity for time allocation
  • Receive immediate notifications of emergency situations, without delay
  • Generate telephone bills to validate completed activities
  • Import details into your existing client billing system
  • Monitor and control telephone misuse, abuse and fraud
  • Capture data from traditional and mobile phone devices
  • Generate important phone analytics on staff performance and utilization
  • Direct emergency services to the correct building, floor or location
  • Determine if you have enough call takers and receptionists
  • Make & schedule telephone programming changes to your phone system
  • All of this and much more, from any smart device or computer

Genesis allows you to do all this and more from anywhere on or off site. Genesis software comes standard with both client and web-based interfaces, and you can even allow limited access for users that only need to use certain features. Genesis comes with automatic reports that send you the critical information you need when it matters most. All Genesis solutions can be virtualized, accessed from the cloud, or housed on your own equipment.

Genesis, the Simple, Reliable Choice. Eliminate the need for lengthy and expensive training programs. Genesis knows and will let you know if there is a problem with your system.