Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement, Prevention Agencies & 911 Services

As a Law Enforcement Agency you need a way to monitor your agency's performance and keep on top of what's going on at your site at all times. You need to track and log all call information for investigative, tracking, staffing and follow-up purposes.

Real-time information on active calls and live tracking of developing situations are critical statistics you need to operate your facility. You also need historical incoming and outgoing call volume statistics so you can efficiently manage your communication center. Accurately estimating your future telecom costs is important for keeping on budget.

The Genesis Solution:
  • Produce detailed statistics on your emergency and non-emergency lines
  • Track and log incoming and outgoing call activity and details
  • Evaluate average speed of answer times to ensure your targets are met
  • Receive immediate notifications of emergency situations, without delay
  • Identify traffic trends and usage patterns by hour, day, week, month & year
  • Monitor call takers, trunk routes and queues performance
  • Estimate appropriate staffing levels based on past events & conditions
  • Ensure all your lines are working so outside callers can reach you
  • Generate important phone analytics on staff performance and utilization
  • Determine current and accurately estimate future call taker requirements
  • Allocate costs (calls, bandwidth, equipment, trunks, etc.) to their sources
  • Make & schedule telephone programming changes to your phone system
  • All of this and much more, from any smart device or computer

Genesis allows you to do all this and more from anywhere on or off site. Genesis software comes standard with both client and web-based interfaces, and you can even allow limited access for users that only need to use certain features. Genesis comes with automatic reports that send you the critical information you need when it matters most. All Genesis solutions can be virtualized, accessed from the cloud, or housed on your own equipment.